“Placing an advertisement did more than we could have imagined for our brand and business. It channeled the brand directly to the target audience, with no messing about.”
“We found the Claire and the marketing team charm itself to deal with and were pleasantly surprised by the upturn on our website, which translated to sales, that happened almost immediately.”

“We would recommend placing an advert with this magazine, to anyone serious about targeting the elite market.”

Marketing Manager, Five Star Speedboats


Our readers are the upper echelon in society. At the top of the earnings bracket, you will be directly attracting a market who have unlimited spending power.

We reach the managing directors, CEOs, business owners and entrepreneurs. We also circulate to the independently wealthy, heirs to personal fortunes and to various members of royal families throughout the world.

We also count stars from the world of music and showbusiness as our readership.

At present, we reach over thirty thousand highly wealthy and elite individuals. We are also distributed within exclusive hotels and offices.

By tapping into this unique readership base, your company can advertise directly to some of the most notable and wealthy individuals in the world.

We are not available to buy in the shops and copies are mailed personally to our readers.



Your message can appear anywhere on our publication, from the inside front cover, to the back cover – with all the pages in between also available.


Your advert may also appear on our website, to which all our readers have exclusive access to.

Social Media
We can also position your advert on our social media pages, to attract maximum interest from a wider audience of readers.

Special Editions

We publish several special editions of our magazine and invite selected brands and manufacturers to place an advertisement within these publications.

We can tailor the message or feature that you publish, so that it fits with the specifics of our special edition.


Brands may also purchase a complete advertorial insert into our magazine. This may be between four pages and sixteen pages.


All adverts and advertorial content can be created by our in house team of designers.

We can write and design your advert or content especially for our magazine, or special edition.

To find out more about advertising in our publication please use the contact form. Alternatively, email Sarah Nicholson Marketing Manager.